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Maui adventure La Parous

10 Great Maui Adventures

The toughest part of creating a list of Maui adventures? Narrowing it down.
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Clinging to Survival

In rural East Maui, two communities are taking a stand to conserve a weird wild food — and with it, a part of their culture.

Be a Hero!

If you care about something, you take care of it. Maui offers many ways to gain that sense of belonging, as these volunteers can attest.
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Shaka List 2013

20 things we love about Maui, from surfboard fences to Portuguese sweet bread...

Waimoku Falls

On Maui’s remote eastern coast, you can follow a trail through a bamboo forest to a waterfall 400 feet high.
ono farms

Ono Organic

Ono Farms is the largest tropical organic fruit farm in the state.
Kipahula Kitchen

Kipahulu Kitchen

From the beginning, the idea was that “it would become an anchor for the whole community.”

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