native Hawaiians

What Does a Hawaiian Look Like?

Through their portraits, handprints and signatures, Jordan Murph is helping native Hawaiians create an indelible legacy.

Solar Q&A

Hawai‘i's subtropical latitude and abundant sunshine make solar power an obvious energy choice, but factors like proximity to the ocean create specific challenges. That’s why it's important to hire seasoned professionals.

Pineapple Sparkling Wine

Not many wineries are crazy enough to make pineapple sparkling wine, and no one else is crazy enough to make it using the traditional method.
biodynamic wine

A Lesson in Biodynamic Wine

Many winemakers say that biodynamic practices increase the land’s ability to express its unique flavors and components in the wine — enhancing its terroir. The result is a wine that speaks of its place, that has its own distinctive signature.
ahihi kinaui reserve

Forbidden Landscape

The harsh terrain of the Ahihi-Kina'u Natural Area Reserve in South Maui hides rare & fragile treasures in its lava.
Maui Executive Catering

2015 Chef of the Year: Jeff Scheer

Chef Jeff Scheer builds strong relationships with local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen.
maui family farmers

Family, Farm

At Kahanu ʻAina Greens, it's not just about growing food; it's about creating community.
Lanai Theater

Back to the Future

Larry Ellison has upgraded Lanaʻi town's entertainment center, restoring it to its 1930s appearance and adding premium seats that recline and digital projectors for 3-D movies.
wow wow lemonade maui

The Wow Factor

This Maui business has a zest for success.
checking opihi populations

Clinging to Survival

In rural East Maui, two communities are taking a stand to conserve a weird wild food — and with it, a part of their culture.

Dining with the Stars

A Maui restaurateur entertains at home.
maui island fashion

Elements of Style

Which of the four elements fits your style? Fire. Water. Earth. Air.
Wailuku Friday Town Party in Maui

Wailuku First Friday Town Party

Once per month, Market Street is closed to traffic to host a local street fair with music, food, art, jewelry, fashion, and live entertainment from 6 to 9 p.m.

School Garden

Create the next generation of sustainable, outdoor learning environments for South Maui students and learn how to grow your own food.
Makawao Friday Town Party in Maui

Makawao Third Friday Town Party

Every third Friday, Baldwin Ave & Makawao Ave host a local street fair with music, food, art, and live entertainment in the evening.
Lahaina Friday Town Party in Maui

Lahaina Second Friday Town Party

If it’s the second Friday of the month, there’s a party in Lahaina. Come enjoy delicious local food, art galleries, live music, and shopping specials.
Kihei Friday Town Party in Maui

Kihei Fourth Friday Town Party

Every Fourth Friday of the month, stop by the Azeka Shopping Center for an exciting community street fair featuring live musicians, fantastic local food, and south Maui's best shopping deals.
maui fair

Maui Fair

Another exciting time for families, friends and everyone starts this week with four days of fabulous fun, awesome entertainment, onolicious food, exhilarating rides, homegrown exhibits and an array of products and services at the Maui Fair.

Art Affair

A tradition of over 20 years, Art Affair is the Hui’s signature fundraising event celebrating the importance of visual arts education in Maui.
straight no chaser

Straight No Chaser: The New Old Fashioned Tour

Straight No Chaser: The New Old Fashioned Tour comes to Maui to perform an all-ages show. Doors open at 7 p.m.
grand fashion

Grand Fashion

Fashionistas can make a splash at the luxurious Grand Wailea Hotel & Spa. Maui's top luxury resort is the perfect accessory for this season's hottest fashions.
hawaiian bat

Bats on the Wing

When the Polynesians first made landfall in Hawaii, their closest relative here was a bat.
tropical cocktail recipe ideas

Waiter, There’s a Jalapeno in My Drink!

Adventurous bartenders have discarded bottled mai tai mixes to build their own flavor profiles with fresh local fruit and locally crafted distillates.
no ka oi illustration by matt foster

Music to da Ears

Guys from da oddah islands, dey t’ink we braggin’ when we say, “Maui no ka ‘oi,” but we not. We jus’ tellin’ da truth about da place we love, an’ we ra-minding ourselfs about our kuleana.
luxury homes maui

The Way Home

Mindful design leads to a residence in harmony with nature.

Finding a Favorite Wine

When people ask me to name my favorite wines, I always struggle. I taste wine for a living, so you would think it would be easy. It's not.

Kitchen Tales

In this ‘Aipono issue, we are proud to share with you some of the many ways our island's chefs and restaurants make Maui a better place.

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